The Plantsome Green Mission

Plantsome was founded because buying plants should be easy and fun. As the youngest generation in a family of growers, we couldn't help but notice how inconvenient (and boring!) it is to buy plants. So instead of turning your car into a mess and breaking your back to carry your new green friend home, we figured we'd ship them to you and have some fun helping you select the perfect plants!

We love plants and take pride in carefully curating our tropical plants, but the mission doesn't end there. We care deeply about the planet and want to leave it better than we found it. That is why we use as little plastics as we can, recycle all incoming packing material from our suppliers and work only with reputable vendors and nurseries.

Our mission:

Your plants should thrive

At Plantsome we think that it is important to provide you with the tools that you need to make sure your plant thrives. This isn't just great for the plant, it's good for your wallet and for the environment! By keeping your plants alive for longer, we reduce the carbon footprint of the garden industry because you'll need less new plants.


Our mission:

Helping you care for your plants

Well, we've created an App for that! Use the Plantsome app and say goodbye to rotting roots and wilting leaves! Our App helps over 100.000 people world-wide care for their plants. You heard it! That's a lot of healthy thriving plants. The app is free to use, even if you haven't bought a plant here yet! Give it a go Download the app and let us know your feedback.

Plantsome app

Compensating for our deliveries

Unfortunately we don't yet live in a world where delivery vans are driving around in hydrogen fuel cell cars. However, we want to minimize our impact on the environment. It is our mission to be carbon nutral by 2025 and we are constantly looking for innovative ways to achieve a lower carbon footprint. We are devising tools that will help us exactly determine our carbon footprint on a daily basis so we can offset that together with our fulfillment partners.


Less plastic, more efficiency

Our packaging is made of carton, produced in Canada using the highest standards, minimizing waste. We also try to use the least possible amount of plastics inside of our boxes. Unfortunately you'll still find a lot of empty space in many of our boxes. We are currently using three box sizes to ship your plants. In order to reduce the amount of 'air' that we ship to almost zero, we would need over 15 different boxes. That is currently out of range for us but we are constantly looking for creative ways to ship more with less.

Do you have recycling tips for us that will help us reduce our carbon footprint? It would make us happy to hear from you!

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Our mission:

Our nurseries are carefully selected

All of our nurseries have sustainable growing operations that recycle and filter water and compost and re-use all of the soil and nutrients. This makes us, and the planet happy!


Thinking inside of the box

Creating more sustainable packaging materials and reducing carbon emissions are among our biggest challenges. We try to make better choices every step of the way but there are a lot of challenges ahead. We also want you to take care of your plant in the best possible way. That's why we've put so much work into our app. This prolongs the life of your plant which is great for the planet!