11 plants for every spot in your kitchen

11 plants for every spot in your kitchen

The kitchen - otherwise known as the heart and soul of the house! We spend a significant amount of time in this spot in our homes - cooking, eating, homework at the breakfast bar - however, it’s not typically the first room we think of to add plants to, unless they’re edible of course!

But guess what? Kitchens are one of the best rooms in the house to keep tropical houseplants in. Yep, you heard that right. When you’re cooking or baking in the kitchen, the room creates its own microclimate where temperatures and humidity rise - from the hot cross buns in the oven to the delicious dinners on the stove! ...Are you hungry yet?! NOMNOMNOM.

The warmer temperatures and high humidity are perfect conditions for tropical houseplants to grow in, and if your kitchen has great natural light, well then that is the perfect trifecta for your green amigos to thrive. Bring on the plants, baby!

11 best houseplants for every corner in your kitchen

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We created a list of the best plants for you to add to your kitchen. Whether you’re looking to fill your window sill, add plants to your floating shelf between cupboards, or if you’re looking to add a pop of green to your breakfast bar! 

Find yourself a green amigo sous-chef from our list of the 11 houseplants for every spot in your kitchen. 

For your countertops

Gino | Coffee Plant

PASS THE JAVA! Do you have a coffee corner in your kitchen? Add some decor to it with Gino, the coffee plant. *Pairs well with all coffee machines - Nespressos, Keurigs, French Press - you name it!😉

Light: Bright, Indirect 

Water: Average water needed. Leaves become droopy to tell you when it's time to water.

Gino - Coffee plant delivered to your doorstep in Canada


Snake Plants 

If you need to fill a corner on your countertop, but that spot doesn’t get a ton of light - snake plants are your green amigo go-to! These easy care plants come in all types of variegation - white, yellow, different shades of green. The decor possibilities are endless. 

Light: Can survive just about anywhere

Water: Less frequent than most plants

Kaa Snake Plant on the countertop

Beau Ponytail Palm

Add some beau-hemian decor to your countertops with Beau, the ponytail palm. He’s works best on a countertop that receives bright indirect light. Fun fact, Beau is actually a part of the succulent family, so he stores water in his roots to use later on. Give him a bright spot on your countertops and Beau will be happy!

Light: Bright and Sunny Spot

Water: Moderate amount of water needed

For your window sill

Peggy | String of Pearls

A common trailing sight in a kitchen! This plant resembles both pearls and green peas. A plant that looks like food? Yes please! 

Light: Bright indirect light

Water: Drought-prone, make sure topsoil dries out between waterings

String of Pearls with Cascading Jade

Wendy | Cascading Jade

Perfect for any window sill! The Wendy, the Cascading Jade plant requires at least 4 hours of bright indirect sunlight to thrive. It’s rich jade colour and thick, shiny leaves are definitely a sight that you want to see in your kitchen. 

Light: Direct Sunlight

Water: Little water needed

Abab | Monstera Adansonii | Monkey Mask

This easy-care plant is perfect for the kitchen. The droopy heart-shaped holey leaves resemble swiss cheese. Who doesn't love swiss cheese?

Light: Bright indirect light 

Water: About once a week

Vera | Aloe Vera

Did your grandmother ever have Aloe Vera readily available in her kitchen? Smart lady, that’s because Aloe Vera helps treat minor cuts and burns. Burns from the stove, burns from the oven, you name it! This healing plant is a first-aid kitchen staple! 

Light: Bright, Indirect Light

Water: Infrequent - allow top 2 inches of soil to dry out between waterings.

Aloe Vera in the kitchen

For your floating shelves

Any plant that trails are a great addition to the floating shelves in your kitchen. These plants know how to fill out an empty space really well and tend to look bigger and more full than most plants! 

Amelia | Pothos Gold

If your floating shelf doesn’t have a lot of light, our best suggestion is add Amelia, Pothos Gold to the mix. She’s a low maintenance trailer with a “can survive anywhere” attitude. We all need a little Amelia in our lives. 

Light: Survives in low-medium light

Water: Moderate water needed

Kate | Philodendron Cordatum

Kate trails like a beauty queen! Similar to Amelia, she’s a low-maintenance trailer, and will show off with fast-growing leaves if cared for properly! Her heart-shaped leaves adds some love to the heart and soul of the house...as if you needed more of that 😉

Light: Survives in low-medium light

Water:  Average water needed

For a Bright Corner

Alfredo | Monstera Deliciosa

Alfredo has made his way into many Instagram kitchens around the globe! The holes in his leaves led to his nickname, the Swiss Cheese plant. Is there a more fitting name for a kitchen plant? Pass the cheese please!

Light: Can survive in low light
Water: Average water needed

Monstera Deliciosa in kitchen

Marty | Areca Palm

This air purifying pro would thrive in a bright corner in your kitchen! Marty can be great for freshening the kitchen air, where so many different smells often combine while cooking. The best part? He is pet friendly! 

Light: Bright Indirect Light
Water: Frequent Water Needed

Looking for more room decor inspiration - follow us on Instagram @plantsome_ca. If you need plant styling tips, you can send pictures of your space to hello@plantsome.ca and we will give you some recommendations for the best plants for your space based on lighting and spaces!

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