5 best plants to grow indoors this fall

5 best plants to grow indoors this fall

​Winter is coming. That's right, now that fall is around the corner and a chill is in the air, you might be worried that the tropical plant you've had your eye on all summer won't fare so well in the cool autumn temperatures. But that doesn't mean you can't bring home a new green amigo! We put together a list of 5 plants that don't mind the low light and cool dry weather of winter so your collection can keep growing. Get it?



Babies like Aura, Aurora, and Amelia look great cascading over anything and stay that way for all four seasons of the year​. These amigos are nearly impossible to kill - they are what songs like "I will survive" are all about. Plus, they stay green even when kept out of the light - perfect for winter conditions. 


golden pothos 



Believe it or not, your go-to for sunburn relief also doubles as a pretty perfect fall houseplant.​ Who knew? Amigos like Vera are actually part of the succulent family which means she has very little need for water. Succulents store water in their stems, roots or leaves. Saving it for a not-so-rainy-day shall we say? Anyway, Vera is extremely difficult to kill and great at purifying the air. No wonder this versatile plant was popular among the likes of Cleopatra and Alexander the Great. Talk about a legacy!


aloe vera

How to care for an Aloe Vera plant



Begonias like Rex, Davy, and Anton come in a wide variety of species. With over 1600 members it's always difficult to get everyone available for that yearly family photo. And they are quite camera shy, too! Though they often have beautiful, pink flowers that bloom anywhere from mid-summer to winter, most people get Begonias for their leaves, which come in all kinds of interesting shapes and colours. ​But no working on that tan - these amigos require little sun and prefer a spot somewhere in the shade. 


iron cross begonia

How to care for a Begonia Plant


Lipstick Plant

Because of the gorgeous way that Lipstick plants like Chanel bloom, the flowers coming out of the bud make it undeniably similar to the tube of a lipstick. Anybody seeking a flower that will become a talking point should definitely pick up a Chanel. Too much watering can absolutely ravish a Chanel so be mindful not to soak the soil. These plants do need bright light (plus camera and action) but not all day long as their leaves can get scorched from too much sun. For this reason they can tolerate the cooler, drier winter temperatures. 


lipstick plant

How to care for a Mira Lipstick plant


String of Pearls 

This beautiful succulent is from the drier parts of West Africa. Peggy doesn't need a lot of water, and doesn't mind being in slightly cooler winter conditions. Keep her near a drafty window and she will still put out great flowers. It's not unusual for these amigas to die back after a few years, so if you see signs of that, just make a cutting and restart the plant. ​Peggy's lovely locks may be a little short right now but with enough love and attention they will be Instagram-worthy in no time. We love you Peggy!


string of pearls

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