5 Plants to Spruce up your Space in 2022

5 Plants to Spruce up your Space in 2022

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor (via unsplash)

A new year often means a new list of resolutions! So why not kick off January with some tropical plants for your home or office? When it comes to choosing perfect houseplants for 2022, the decision can be tough. That’s alright - we’re here to help you to choose the best fiddle leaf fig or monstera deliciosa (or any other plants for the new year) so you could live together happily ever after!  



Sansevieria: If you are new to the whole plant parent world and have no clue where to start, Kaa, the Snake plant is your green light to plant parenthood! When it comes to these sharp and ssssslithery amigos, they can be as easy to care for as your pet rock (okay, okay, almost). Kaa likes his potting soil to dry entirely before you give him another drink and is happy with a wide range of light conditions. Perfect for those sunny sills or darker corners in the home that your other plant friends frown upon. You can say he’s quite the connoisseur of the laid-back-lifestyle and we love him for it! 



ZZ Plants: Value your independence but still want a bae to snuggle up with after a long day? Luke, the ZZ plant sounds like the soilmate of your dreams for 2022! Similar to Kaa, tropical plant care with this leafy lad is simple. The ZZ plant is known for tolerating low light and drought, especially since it can store water in its bulbous roots. Luke is stylish, strong and an easy to care for plant that mainly likes to keep to himself and play Call of Duty when nobody’s home. It doesn't matter much to him where you keep him just as long as you give him a good dusting here and there.What’s not to Luke?



Palms: Looking for a fluffy indoor plant that your pet will become ultimate BFFs with? Put your hands together for her Majesty - Simone, the Cat Palm! Originally from the South East corner of Mexico, Simone makes any room look like a million bucks! It’s no wonder people place her on a pedestal! Rumor has it.. If you treat her like the nobility she is, this Cat palm will become more and more regal with time and grow upwards of 6 feet tall! Just make sure you allow Simone to work on her tan in bright, indirect sunlight and water her soil frequently before it dries out. She'll take care of the rest by making you and your pets feel like you're living in paradise! And let’s be honest, it’s always sunny when Simone’s around. 



Calathea: Sold on pet-friendly plants for 2022? Julia, the Calathea Rufibarba is a plant who isn’t lacking in personality. A Calathea sister through and through, Julia’s leaves are as fuzzy as your furball’s and dance with the rising and setting of the sun. It’s the reason why some people call her a prayer plant! Julia’s leaves can grow upright in a stunning spectrum of colours and if you’re really lucky she’ll happily show off her purple-hued underbelly. This being said, Calathea plants can be a tricky bunch and not exactly beginner friendly! We recommend: bright, indirect light, moist and well-draining soil, as well as filtering her h2o prior to watering days. High maintenance? Maybe. But trust us when we say that she’s oh-so worth it! If you’re having trouble with Julia or any of our other plants, checkout the free Plantsome App for care tips & tricks. 



Pothos: Workaholics, unite! If you’re climbing up the corporate ladder in 2022 look no further than Mia, the Pothos Marble Queen. Her heart shaped leaves grow tremendously fast, which means that there will be a nie, long vine draping through your room in no time. On top of that, Mia is known to be quite tolerant of low light and is also pretty chill when it comes to her favourite spots in the house. She’s happy to hang anytime, anywhere! Her only request is to be kept out of direct sunlight - she’s a bit of a health nut when it comes to sun exposure and we wouldn’t want her getting crispy. 

As you can very well see, new year means new year plants and we’re happy to help make that dream happen. These green amigos are so excited to meet you. BTW - did you know that we have a plant shop in Vancouver, BC? Shop with us online or in-store, we’re looking forward to it! And if you have any questions, kindly reach out to our team at hello@plantsome.ca

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