5 Spooky Indoor Plants to Decorate with for Halloween

5 Spooky Indoor Plants to Decorate with for Halloween

Halloween may look a little different this year, and guess what, your Halloween decorations can too! If you’re bringing trick-or-treating inside why not consider putting a spooky spin on your houseplants and turn them into some scary Halloween plant decorations! We’re talking spider-web cacti, haunted plants, cursed plants, slithering snake plants and many more. 

Haunted Pumpkin surrounded by roots, plants and candles

Certain plant names, as well as the plant itself, can be unnervingly eerie like the Corpse Flower, Brain Cactus (Azazel), Ghost Plant, Devil’s Claw, and the Venus Flytrap (Bear). And putting those types of carnivorous plants in your home may send pets and children spiralling into a vicious wave of nightmares, and we don’t want that now do we?!...

So we’ve toned it down a notch and made a list of spooky plants for Halloween that are a little less intimidating than the Corpse Flower.

“Boo-tanics” takes on a whole new meaning turning your everyday houseplants into haunted plants. Here are some other spooky plants you can use as Halloween decorations: 

  1. Tiki | Alocasia Amazonia | African Mask

Mask up with Tiki, our Alocasia Amazonia (African mask). Tiki knows how to cast spells, (or should we say) cast curses on those who can’t take care of it. No really, it’s true, it’s not the easiest plant to care for.

If being cursed by a plant wasn’t eerie enough for ya, don’t you also think those elongated leaves resemble those of Freddy Krueger’s fingernails? Can you see it? Straight out of a thriller movie, if you ask us.

Spooky Halloween Plant Decoration - Alocasia African Mask
2. Adonis | Alocasia Lauterbachiana| Purple Sword

If this plant doesn’t scream Halloween, we’re not sure what does. It’s a dark, mysterious plant boasting a deep purple on one side and dark green on the other side of its leaves. Adonis is actually a pirate at heart, he rescues damsels in distress and sword fights bad guys. He’s the perfect plant for a Halloween duel, and trust us - he WILL challenge you to all your candy. 

Spooky Plant Decor, the Purple Sword Alocasia


3. Julia | Calathea Rufibarba

Similar to the way Dracula closes his coffin when the sun comes out, Julia closes her leaves in the darkness. What’s frightening is that’s not the only similarity to Dracula - her jagged leaves are also exceptionally velvety - just like Dracula’s cape. And if Dracula isn’t your thing, her two-toned leaves bursting deep purple and dark green also reminds us of the Wicked Witch of the West, straight out of the Wizard of Oz. 


Spooky Halloween Plant Decor - Calathea Rufibarba


4. Snake Plants | Including Gus, Kaa, Zahra and more

Gus, Kaa and Zahra are three slithering Snake Plants who (you’d think) would be able to speak Parseltounge, but really they just keep their mouths shut and spikes serrated. The Sansevieria Laurentii and Zeylanica are a perfect addition to a haunted house. 

Spooky Halloween Plant Decoration - Snake Plant
5. Davy - Iron Cross Begonia 

Or should we say Blood Red Begonia?... 

This plant is beautiful on its own. The heavily textured leaves and deep red stems are sure a sight to see. However, looking at Davy through a Halloween-coloured lens, all we see is wrinkly, wart-infested witch skin. Try saying that ten times fast…

Iron Cross Begonia as spooky halloween plant decoration.

One way to transform your houseplants into spooky plant décor is by putting them inside a pumpkin! The pumpkin takes on a whole new personality of its own.

“I’ve turned Abel, our Dracena Lemon Lime into one freaky-looking Jack-o-Lantern with quite the spikey up-do.”  Kristen - Plantsome’s Content Marketing Specialist. 

A Neon Pothos plant turned into a spooky jack-o-lantern.

“My garden goddess likes to change up her hairstyle. Today, it’s Aura, our Neon Pothos, but tomorrow maybe it will be Alfredo, our Monstera Adansonii, or Kate, our Philodendron Cordatum!” - Lauren - Plantsome’s Customer Service & Plant Care Specialist.

A spooky Halloween plant inside a garden-themed jack-o-lantern.

Check out our full list of scary plants that are all Halloween inspired here


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