6 Ways to Prepare Your Houseplants for Fall

6 Ways to Prepare Your Houseplants for Fall

Its officially the season of sweaters, crisp air, falling leaves, and of course, pumpkin spice everything... do we dare eye roll?

Happy first day of fall, y’all! 

The leaves outside may be falling, but that doesn’t mean the leaves on your houseplant will… 

To make sure your houseplants are fully prepped for the cooler temperatures, we’ve put together a list of 6 Indoor Plant Care tips for Fall:

A Rubber Tree nestled inside on a coffee table in fall.

  1. Bring your houseplants inside 

The sad reality is that vacation is over for your green amigos. It’s time to bring your houseplants inside and out of the cold. It’s best to move them in early autumn before temps drop too low and the transition from warm to cold gets harder on them.

If you have pets, and they haven’t been exposed to your plants before its best to check if some of these plants are toxic before bringing them inside. Here’s our list of our non-toxic plants!

Pro tip: look for the cat symbol in the top left corner on the picture of the plant to make sure. 

  1. Check for any insects

Being outside all summer long means your plants could have been exposed to even more crawlers and critters than if they were indoors. Check your plants thoroughly - look at both sides of the leaves, the stem, and in the soil to make sure your plants are in the clear. 

  1. Repot if needed

Did your plants have a growth spurt this summer? Take your houseplant out of the pot and examine its roots. The roots are a great indicator of whether the plant needs to be repotted or not. Are the roots looping around? Are they popping out of the top of the soil?

... It may be time to level up your pot game to something a little bigger! You can check out our selection of pots and sizes here.

Preparing to repot an indoor plant for fall.

  1. Give your plants a trim

Grab some sharp scissors or pruning shears and do your worst! Get rid of those yellow or browning leaves by cutting off the leaf near the stem or if only the tips are yellow or browning, trim just the tips and leave the rest of the healthy leaf. 


  1. Give your plants a gentle shower 

Wash away the build up of dirt, dust, and grim from being outside the summer! But make sure that your shower head is set to gentle to avoid over-watering. Spraying your leaves not only cleans them up but also helps protect the plant from insects that hang out on grimy leaves.

Trailing Pothos getting ready for a gentle shower.

  1. Place your green amigos in great lighting

Take note of the parts of your home where the lighting is best. Autumn is here, which means the sun starts to enter our homes differently. You’ll want to make sure your plants are placed in optimal lighting. If the sunlight spots in your home are limited, be sure to prioritize the plants that need more light. 

Check out our list of plants that survive in low light conditions.

You’re now fully equipped to tackle the plant parent transition from summer to fall. You’ve got this! 

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