A plant for every room!

A plant for every room!

The urban jungle trend has swept across social media, greening many houses since 2018. But with so many different types of plants, it can be really hard to choose the perfect green amigos for your urban jungle. Here at Plantsome we try to make the decision easier with our plant finder on our website. But to take it a step further, we have created a list of the plants we most recommend for each room in your home!

Living Room

We kick off this list with the room where we (generally) spend the most time–the living room! Most living rooms have at least one large window, making this a space with lots of natural light. But while having plants in your living room is great, it can also be difficult to organize. Some plants like direct sunlight, some like shade, and others like something in between. To help, we have divided our living room list into two groups based on the amount of sun in your living room:

Plants for a very sunny living room

  1. Neanthebella- Vicky
  2. Crassula- Wendy
  3. Beaucarnea- Beau
  4. Yucca- Johnny
  5. Banana Plant- Baloo, Juma
  6. Alocasia- Tiki, Aku Aku, Jumbo

Plants for a moderately sunny living room

  1. Monstera- Alfredo
  2. Calathea - Sophia, Julia, Brooke,  Susie, Abby, and Indie
  3. Ferns - Carl, Mogli, Akela, Sheri, and Romaine
  4. Dracaena - Mojo, Kuri,Teri, Abel, Kenzo, India, and Noah
  5. Pothos- Aurora, Aura, Amelia, Mia, and Miley

Living room plants

The Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the best places to have plants. Just imagine going to sleep surrounded by a mini jungle. How relaxing! Having plants in your bedroom is not only relaxing, but can also help you sleep. Air purifying powerhouses like Kaa and Lily are masters at cleaning air, which has been shown to reduce congestion and help improve sleep. And of course, who wouldn't want to wake up to the smiling faces of your green amigos each day?

  1. Sansevieria - Kaa, Gus, Jude, and Jake
  2. Stromanthe- Donna
  3. Rubber Tree - Heidi, Jack
  4. Ficus Lyrata - Eileen, Evelyn
  5. Spathiphyllum - Lilly 

Bedroom plant

The Kitchen

Looking for a sous chef? Our green friends are here to help! Having plants in your kitchen can be a fun and beautiful way to decorate a room that isn't usually known for being green. Having air purifying plants like Lorenzo can be great for freshening the kitchen air, where so many different smells often combine. And plants have also been shown to help increase motivation and productivity. Something everyone could use in the kitchen after a long day of work when the take out menu looks especially appealing.

  1. Hoya- Lorenzo, Carmen, Baby June Bug
  2. Nemanthus Hypocyrta- Eloa
  3. Peperomia Ferreyra- Finn
  4. Pothos- Aurora, Aura, Amelia, Mia, and Miley
  5. Pilea Cadieri - Al

Kitchen plants

The Bathroom

The bathroom is both one of the best and worst places for plants. Plants love the washroom's high humidity, but the lack of sunlight generally doesn't do them much good. Tropical plants with thick leaves like Carl and Bob are some of the best choices for the bathroom. While the list below is a great start, check out our past blog for more plant recommendations for your bathroom!

  1. Zamioculcas- Luke, Dalton
  2. Euphorbia Lactea - Rob, Bob
  3. Tillandsia and Circinata- Fred and Ted
  4. Ferns - Carl, Mogli, Akela, Sheri, and Romaine
  5. Sansevieria - Kaa, Gus, Jude, Jake

Bathroom plants 

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