Sustainable Ways to Decorate For Thanksgiving Using Plants

Sustainable Ways to Decorate For Thanksgiving Using Plants

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you’ve decided to host a small bubble of people over for Thanksgiving dinner... *cue panic button*.

Turkey - check.

Stuffing - check.

Gravy - check.

Thanksgiving Table Decor?... afterthought.

You want to look put together for your family, friends, or whoever is in your bubble for Thanksgiving but don’t have time to head to a home decor store to make your table appear half-decent.

Don’t panic, Karen. We’ve got you covered.

At Plantsome, we care about sustainability which means we’re always looking for creative ways to make do with the means that we have. We have so much in and around our homes that we can use to decorate with, including our lush green amigos - so forget it plastic pumpkins, you were so last decade.


Here are a few ways to add some plant decor to your Thanksgiving Table:

Trailing Plants

Using trailing plants such as Pothos, or Philodendrens are great Thanksgiving centerpieces and acts as an easy way to occupy blank space on your dining table. These plants aren’t as tall as other plants so your guests would still be able to see the other person sitting across from them. Long trailing leaves and stems can be manipulated to wrap around pumpkins, gourds, candles, or other decor items on your table and these plants can even as act as a trailing table runner.

Meet some of our trailing beauties:





Thanksgiving dining table decor. Place setting includes gourds, pothos, plaid napkin and matte black dining set

Pro Decor Tip: Throw a gourd (or three) in your place setting bowl.


Your Thanksgiving dining table won’t succ with these guys on the table. Who said succulents and cacti were strictly for summer?! Succulents are great decor, plants, they are sturdy succs, pair well in threes with candles and dried flowers and add a little pop of green to your Thanksgiving dinner table. Green is trending this fall, didn’t you know?...

Here are some of our succulent green amigos to add to your Thanksgiving table decor: 

Jo, Flo & Mo


Thanksgiving dining table decor, dried foliage, succulent, thankgiving centerpiece

Minimalist centerpiece with dried bunny tails (that last a lifetime, may we add), a candle, and plaid napkins

Mix it up with plants and foliage

Get outside and forage your decor - the fresh air will do you good. Grab a serving tray that you already have around and use it as your base for your centerpiece. Next, put a few medium-sized green amigos on the tray and fill the existing gaps with foliage from outside. This could be sticks, fallen leaves, pinecones, dying branches from outdoor plants - anything goes so get creative with it.

Decorating dining room table for Thanksgiving with Plants

Put some plants inside a lantern

Instead of using a candle in the lantern, replace with plants! It's a cozy fall vibe, but without the worry of burning down the house when everyone leaves the table. Stuff the lantern to the brim with additional decor items such as gourds or pumpkins. 

These Thanksgiving dining table decor tips will help you level up your hosting game. Take a photo and send it our way - we’d love to see how your table turned out, even if you have an “Instagram vs. Reality” moment. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook

...and for goodness sake, whatever you do don't dry out the turkey. 

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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