Want to become a badass plant parent in 2021? Here's how

Want to become a badass plant parent in 2021? Here's how

Is becoming a better plant parent on your New Year's resolution list? If it isn't, it should be because your plants deserve to #livetheirbestlives in 2021 too. 🌱⁠

Tropical plants replacing Christmas Tree

To become the best plant parent you can be to your new green amigos, there are a few things you should learn, such as understanding how the four beautiful seasons we have in Canada can affect your green amigos and specific care tips for helping your plants thrive.

In this article, we give a seasonal breakdown for the new year ahead. It’s important to understand how the seasons can impact your plants, and what measures you can take to help your plant transform into a big green (friendly) beast. As you know, good things take time. 


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In the words of Run-DMC, “it’s tricky”! Winter is a tricky time for houseplants, especially in Canada where the weather is colder than other parts of the world. Freezing temps can cause shock to your plant’s system, less sun may have your plants reaching towards whatever light they can get, and believe it or not, plants require less water for survival during the winter. 

We’d be lying if we said the winter is a breeze for indoor plant survival.. 
Here’s all the info you need to keep your plants alive during the winter season.


When spring is in the air, our green amigos perk right up, literally! Spring means more sun, more warmth and fewer fluctuations in temperatures. It’s peak growing season for indoor plants, so if you’re considering repotting a green amigo whose outgrown it’s nursery pot, spring would be a great time to do it.

Prepping to repot indoor plants in spring.

Springtime marks a time where your plant need a little more attention. 
What you need to know is all in our post on prepping your plants for springtime. 


Oh long hot summers. Just like springtime, summer is also a growth period for your green amigos. There’s a few key things you should know about your plants in the summer…

  1. Plants can get sunburnt, and there’s no sunscreen to protect them. Direct sun can burn the leaves of your plants causing them to turn brown and eventually fall off. 
  2. Remember, plants love bright, indirect sunlight. They’ll start leaning towards the light, so consider rotating them every week or so, so that each side of your amigo feels the warmth.
  3. Hold the AC. Tropical plants hate cold drafts, so if your plants are near a blasting AC vent, move them out of the way! They’ll thank you with gorgeous summer growth in the right conditions!

Aglaonema Silver Bay against a two-toned wall.

*more tips for plant care in summer coming soon. 


The season of sweaters, crisp air, falling leaves, and pumpkin spice everything. Fall is the season where all the plant prep work for winter is completed. Those houseplants you had outside all summer? Yeah, you’re going to want to move them inside. This is when you start to see your plants growth slow down as the cooler weather comes in. 

Caring for your houseplants in fall looks a little different than in summer and spring. 
Read how to best prep your indoor plants for fall.

Now that you have a better understanding of how your houseplants are impacted by each season, you're one step closer to becoming a better plant parent for 2021. 

But remember, individual tropical plants require specific care routines that are unique to the plant. For example, Luke, the ZZ plant requires less frequent watering than Sophia, the Calathea Medallion. The most important takeaway is to understand that each care routine is unique to the plants you have in your home. What works for one plant, may not work for another.

Are you looking for a great resource to help you understand what your green amigo needs? 
Download the Plantsome App. 
It tells you everything you need to know ;)

Using the Plantsome App to care for tropical plants

We’ve created the Plantsome app so that you know exactly when to water and fertilize your way through plant parenthood. All you have to do is download the app, add your plant from our existing library to your own collection, give it a name (or use it’s Plantsome name) and tell us the condition your plant lives in.  From there, the Plantsome app will send you notifications on when to water, how much light it needs, and the best time to fertilize your green friend. It’s as easy as that!

With this new-found knowledge, together with the Plantsome app, you’re well on your way to crushing all your plant resolution goals of 2021. Good luck planty people 🌴


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