How to Care for Plants while on Vacation

How to Care for Plants while on Vacation


Ah to take a holiday! If you're here, you must be packing for an upcoming tropical getaway, a ski week break, or some other exciting adventure and we are JEALOUS (but also like so totally excited for you)! We know first hand that green amigos aren't the best traveling companions so we've set up this guide explaining how best to keep your plants alive while your away - perfect for beginner plant parents and experienced green thumbs alike! 



Plan Ahead:

We know that caring for your indoor plants can be a handful and planning ahead will ensure your plants grow happy and healthy while you're away. About a week before your trip, begin by grouping your plants by size, type and neediness.

Size: Some people say that plants are people too - and we tend to agree. Smaller plants (just like your kiddos) require a bit more love than your larger amigos. Bigger plants and plant pots tend to hold more moisture for longer periods of time, making established plants easy to care for while your away. Dividing your plants by their size will show you which plants need one good soak pre-vacay (think Cranerys the Bird of Paradise) and which little guys need some extra attention.

Type: Once you've sorted your plants by size, we recommend separating them by their plant type as a next step! For example succulents, Snake plants and Cacti are verrrrry low maintenance so feel free to set them aside - these amigos love it when their potting soil dries out completely and, no offense, will enjoy the alone time.

Neediness: Now it's time to weed out (ha ha get it) the chill amigos from the not so chill. For example, some of your tropical potted plants (such as Peace Lilies or Pothos) may slightly droop after being left unwatered for two weeks - while others (cough cough Fiddle Leaf Figs) will turn up the drama by dropping leaves. Make sure to separate the plants you water often from the ones who can survive a short drought.



Before you go:

Temperature: Coldness kills houseplants and we don't want that! Ensure you keep your heat turned on and set to 65 F - 75 F for the entirety of your trip. Keeping your plants close together will also keep them niiiice and toasty.

Location: Make sure your green amigos aren't being left near vents, drafty windows, or anywhere with intense sun exposure (especially in the spring and summer). This being said, leave your blinds open as you would during a regular day so your plants still get the light they need. A stable environment is key here!

Moisture/Humidity: Tropical plants #thrive in humid climates so it's important to maintain high moisture levels while you're away. To do this, move your moisture-lovin' green amigos close together so they can help each other retain warmth and humidity. If your 4in and 6in plants are still in their nursery pots - this is great news! Place them in your sink with an inch or two of water so they can bottom feed once their soil starts to dry.

Proper Drainage: Some plants are more susceptible to overwatering than others! In this case, ensure your amigo is in a pot with a drip system or drainage holes (like our Elsa pots) - this way you can water your plant before you go and know it'll be fine when you return! Also, consider placing your amigos in a pebble tray for added humidity without the fear of overwatering.



Have further questions about keeping your amigos alive while your out of office? Shoot us an email at and we will get back to you shortly! 

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