A Very Planty Holiday Gift Guide (For Every Person on your List)

A Very Planty Holiday Gift Guide (For Every Person on your List)

Sending the perfect gift for the holidays isn’t easy during a normal year, let alone 2020. With more distance between loved ones this year, the challenges of getting gifts to your recipients is up to the fate of the delivery service your gift is with.


Betty the Plantsome Van has been working around the clock to get your loved ones their gifts in time for Christmas. Our hope this festive season is to help you spread holiday cheer through gifting our green amigos. We may be biased, but we believe plants make for the ultimate holiday gift in 2020

*Order before Dec. 15th to guarantee your gift arrives by Dec. 24th. 

To help you gift green this year, we’ve curated a list of indoor plants that are perfect for every personality type on your list. 


(Mimi | Sansevieria Francisii)

(Luke | ZZ Plant, Kaa | Snake Plant)
(Alfredo | Monstera Deliciosa)
(Eileen | Fiddle Leaf Fig)
(Gino | Coffea Arabica)
(Marty | Areca Palm
(James | Watermelon Plant, Abby | Calathea Warscewiczii, Zoe | Peperomia Hope
(Ricardo | Peace Lily Domino)
(Arnold | Aloe T-Rex)
(Arthur | Norfolk Island Pine)

  (Plantsome Gift Box)


Are these green amigos not bringing you any joy? Well, let's find one that does! Use our helpful plant finder to find the perfect plant for your home and lifestyle. Or email us at hello@plantsome.ca - we are here to help you meet your match! 

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