The 8 best plants for your bathroom

The 8 best plants for your bathroom

We get it. You love to have plants throughout your entire house. In the hallways, in the bedrooms, in the kitchen, you name it! But there's one place in the house where everyone goes but plants are rarely found...the bathroom. The high levels of humidity and lack of sunlight, common in bathrooms, makes most plants go directly to plant heaven. But don't worry, your dreams of a jungle bathroom are not over yet. There are many plants that thrive in a washroom-like environment. To help, here is a list of the best plants that will survive any bathroom!

Turn your bathroom into an Urban Jungle

The most important thing for a plant to feel good, is enough sunlight. But just because you have enough sunlight in your bathroom does not mean that it's a good place for every green amigo. Temperature also fluctuates more in bathrooms than in any other room in the house. Just imagine, you first turn on your heating so that your towels become dry and then you open your windows for ventilation. A long shower follows, which creates high levels of humidity, and if you opt instead for a bath, whole litres of bathwater end up flying throughout the room. That's a lot for most green friends! So if you want to relax and not worry about your botanical amigos, we recommend choosing ones that are easy to care for and do not have a fear of water.

Thick-leaved plants

Tropical plants with thick leaves are your ideal bathroom friends. The succulent is one of these plants, and they are also very easy to take care of. Our favourite is the extremely strong Aloe Vera, which removes harmful substances from the air like a Ghostbuster. This strong amigo, we just call her Vera, loves both the sun or shade and needs very little water (especially when in the bathroom!).

Of course, cacti are also very suitable for the bathroom. These spiky friends only need a small amount of light and water, so you can easily put them on top of your sink without having to worry. Our amigos Vern (Zebra Cactus) and Anciano (Apple Cactus) are already eager to give you a bathroom concert!

Sure, they may not be considered "real" cacti. But with their beautiful shape and colour, both Rob and Bob are also great additions to any home bathroom. Just like a cactus or succulent, the Dragon Bone brothers are easy to take care for and don't require a lot of water or light. They're known as fake cacti for a reason!

Cacti, easy? Please. If you want an easy plant to care for, meet Ed. Ed is an air plant, which is the simplest plant to care for. No pot? No problem! All Ed needs is a light mist every few days. Something he can easily get with some shower steam.

Plants that thrive in high humidity

Ferns! These plants love humidity, which is why many of them live in Raincouver. Ferns are also very easy to care for and don't have to be in direct sunlight, although they do enjoy a bit of light. Here at Plantsome, lot's of our green amigos are from the fern family. Check them all out here!

Spider plants like Bert are also quite thirsty and love high levels of humidity. They're also not very picky and enjoy being in both the sun and shade. Great for any bathroom! In addition, Bert is also an expert at purifying harmful substances from the air. How nice!

Other green friends for your bathroom

Lilly, a Spathiphyllum, is perhaps the most beautiful bathroom plant you can adopt. Her large, exotic leaves and peaceful white flowers make her a real eye-catcher. She also needs a lot of water and does not like to be in direct sunlight, perfect for any washroom. Just like her friend Bert, Lily is also a air-purifying pro and removes toxins from the air as if it were nothing.

Yes its true, snake plants are also great for any bathroom. They don't need a lot of water, aren't picky with sunlight, and they are one of the easiest houseplants you can have. Maybe they'll even sing a song for you when you take a bath! Check out the snake plant family here.


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