The 5 best houseplants for shade

The 5 best houseplants for shade

Like some people, some houseplants don't like to be in the spotlight. These shade plants only really start to shine when they have found their place in the shade. Don't immediately fill your entire basement with these green gabbers, though - they do need a shot of (indirect) sunlight every now and then to survive! To give you a helping hand, we've made a list of 5 indoor plants that prefer it on the shady side.


1. Dracaena Marginata - Noah 

The official name of this green amigo is the Dracaena Marginata, but you can just call him Noah. This cool houseplant is ridiculously easy, it drinks very little water and is very chill. Why is it in this list? This shade plant will enjoy itself in a somewhat darker spot and it does not need much sun. 

View the Dracaena Marginata here.


2. Calathea Orbifolia - Isabella 

Isabella's official name is Calathea Orbifolia and in Brazil, this amiga loves to retreat to the tropics, comfortably safe among all its large leaf mates. Isabella is still not a fan of the spotlight, but here she is increasingly coming out of her shell. During the day it (and its leaves) open up more and more, but when the sun sets it is time to retreat and close its leaves. We think that this Calathea works best in a spot in the shade / partial shade. 

View the Calathea Orbifolia here.


3. Polyscias Fabian - Fabian 

If your name literally means "shadow", you can't be left out from this list. Fabian is a Polyscias which means 'much shade' in Greek. If you are looking for a cool houseplant for the shade; Fabian is your guy! In addition to enjoying a spot in the shade, Fabian converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, which ensures that the air in your room is purified. Another fun fact: in the jungles of Africa, Asia and Central America, the Polyscias can grow into a huge tree. Good luck with that!

View the Polyscias Fabian here.


4. Zamioculcas - Lucas 

Lucas's motto is "Taking it easy is already hard enough" - and it suits him completely. This houseplant is the ideal roommate that you hardly have to worry about. In terms of sunlight, it needs little light and it also needs very little water. You can give these Zamioculcas a place in the shade. 

View the Zamioculcas here.


5. Cactus Euphorbia - Bob 

Are you looking for the perfect houseplant for the shade? We have it for you! Our Cactus Euphorbia, or Bob, as we may call him, is incredibly easy. Bob doesn't really care. Spot in the sun, spot in the shade, he doesn't care. As long as he can have a good conversation with his fellow plant companions now and then, this green gabber is satisfied (preferably without a drink, Bob hardly drinks anything!).

View the Cactus Euphorbia here.


Haven't found the right match yet? Step out of your shade, walk in the sun and search for your new, green roommate via the Plant Finder. Are you looking for more inspiration for the perfect Urban Jungle? Then follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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