The best plants for dads

The best plants for dads

Tired of the same old same old? We know how hard picking a Fathers Day gift can be. But luckily, plants are perfect. They are beautiful, very unique, and come in so many shapes and sizes, there's a plant for any taste. Which is why we have made a list of the best plants for dads. Think about it. What better way to show you care than giving the gift of green?

1) Plants for new plant dads:


Known as Snake Plants and Mother-in-laws tongue, our friends Gus and Kaa are perfect for new or busy plant dads. They are very hard to kill, thrive in most environments, and do not require a lot of care. Nice!

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Snake Plant


Just like the Sansevieria, Zamioculcas is also very easy to care for. Luke and Dalton can survive many days without water and they enjoy practically all levels of light. Now that's easy!

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Zz plant

2) Plants for expert plant dads:

Banana Plant

For dads who are experts in the plant-parent world, we recommend the beautiful Banana Plant. Our friends Baloo and Juma are known for being a little dramatic and droop their leaves when they need a drink. But besides the occasional drama, Banana Plants look amazing and make the perfect gift for dads who have a greener thumb.

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Banana Plant

3) Air-purifying plants for dads:

Alöe Vera

What's better than giving your dad the gift of fresh, clean air? We can't think of much better, and for that, we recommend our friend Aloe Vera. Vera is an expert at cleaning up the air by storing harmful substances like formaldehyde and benzene in her roots. Aloe Vera's also have an alien-like look that brings a lot of character to any home. Wow!

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Aloe Vera

Ficus Rubber

The Rubber Plant, is another perfect air-purifying plant for dads. Just like Vera, our friends Jack and Heidi are great at cleaning the air and breaking down unpleasant odours. Rubber Plants also have a beautiful tree-like look and they are much easier to care for than other members of the Ficus family, including the ever-popular Eileen (Ficus Lyrata). Talk about a perfect gift!

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Rubber Plant

4) Plants for pet dads:

Boston Fern

For those who are also pet dads, we recommend Carl, the Boston Fern. Known for giving any room a forest-like look, Boston Ferns are a beautiful addition to any home. And most importantly, they are also completely pet-friendly and love hanging out with all kinds of furry friends. Unlike most plants, they also thrive when placed in a bathroom. Cool!

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Boston Fern

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