The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Pot for your Indoor Plant

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Pot for your Indoor Plant

Choosing an indoor pot for your new (or growing) green amigo is no small feat. There are a few things that go into choosing the right pot for your indoor plant. Like the size and shape of your plants, the texture of your plants vs pots (will they clash?), your interior style, and so much more.

Think about this as your own personal pot journey…

Varying sizes of pots for indoor plants

Size Matters

Before you buy a pot for your indoor plant, the most important thing to consider is the size of the plant you’ve purchased. It’s highly likely you will buy a plant in its nursery pot which can vary in size, 2.5 inches all the way to 12 inches and so on. To make sure you are purchasing the right size pot to fit its nursery pot, measure the diameter of the nursery pot your plant came in. 


If it measures 6 inches, you want to purchase a pot that will fit 6 inches, or buy a larger pot (like an 8 inch pot) if you want to anticipate repotting. 

Measuring the diameter of a nursery pot


Plantsome has pots to fit varying sizes of nursery planter pots. 


Here’s a quick snapshot of our plant and pot guide: 


4 inch plants fit our 4 inch pots (size 1 up if you anticipate repotting)

6 inch plants fit our 6 inch pots (size 1 up if you anticipate repotting)

8 inch plants fit our 8 inch pots (size 1 up if you anticipate repotting)

10 inch plants fit our 10 inch pots (size 1 up if you anticipate repotting)

12 inch plants fit our 12 inch pots (size 1 up if you anticipate repotting)

Drainage holes

Are you thinking of taking your plant out of it’s nursery pot and replanting it directly in a pot? Well, you should make sure first that this pot has drainage holes. Drainage holes are important because they allow excess water to seep out of pots after watering. This makes sure that the water doesn’t pool at the bottom of a pot (essentially that would be you drowning your plant) and also helps to protect its roots from root rot, bacteria, and fungus.

Our pots do not contain drainage holes, so we suggest keeping your plants in the nursery pots, until repotting is necessary. Simply place the nursery pot right inside the decorative pot and you’ve got your green amigo a new MTV crib. 


Show off some style

Pots come in so many shapes, sizes, textures, and materials. Choosing the right one can be overwhelming, so we’ve broken down all the different materials that pots are made from of. This will help you find something that matches your unique style. 

1. Contemporary Ceramic Pots

Traditional and contemporary ceramic pots are perfect for hiding growers or plastic nursery pots. The designs are endless and can fit any interior design style. Our pots range from bohemian, to modern, to contemporary.

Here are a few of our favourites right now: 


Keep it simple, stupid! Our Boule matte pot is a timeless basic and pairs well with any plant. Think of Boule as a Robin to green amigo's Batman. They're perfect together.

 Green Ceramic Boule pot for indoor plant

Eileen | Ficus Lyrata | Fiddle Leaf Fig in Green Boule 


Franco is our chic, minimalistic, modern planter pot. He ditched all curves, opted for clean straight lines. Everyone has been raving about Franco lately because he tends to spark some serious joy for every minimalist. 

 Bird of Paradise in white Franco pot

Cranerys | Bird of Paradise in Franco pot

Boule on Stand

Plants on stands, is all the rage these days. So we decided to pair our perfectly timeless boule with a matte black metal stand. And we have to admit, it does 'elevate' (heh) the entire green amigo experience. 

 Boule pot in white on black stand

Leonardo | Calathea Makoyana in Boule on stand


Emily is a serious stunner. She gives off boho vibes with her textured grooves and gorgeous finish. She may not have the matte look like Boule, but she gives off a little somethin’ somethin’ that we’re seriously into. Go Emily!

 Emily pot for indoor plant in blue

Leonardo | Calathea Makoyana in Boule on stand




Baskets as indoor planter pots are every boho-lovers dream. It’s basically the secret weapon to a bohemian look in your home and creates a warm, inviting, and cozy feeling. To be warned, it’s best not to put the plants directly into the basket (except if in a growers pot). You also do not want to water the plant directly in the pot. 


One way to make the most of your basket as a planter is to put a saucer at the base of the basket and then put the plant on the saucer while still in the nursery pot. Remove the plant when its time to water. 


Our fave basket, Biscuit.


Another notable material is terra-cotta pots: 

Terra-cotta literally means “baked earth”  and is a clay-like earthenware ceramic that can be glazed or unglazed. When a terra-cotta pot is unglazed, the material itself is extremely porous. This can mean that the soil dries out faster which helps the roots and potting mix breathe.

A warning: porous pots dry out more quickly (especially in full sun) and so does the potting mix. If too dry this can lead to plant into a stressed out state or even a death of a plant if not watered regularly. 

If you have any pot or plant-related questions (sorry not that kind, we don’t smoke) or are unsure what will best suit your green amigo, we have experts in the Plantsome family that can help! Shoot a message to and we will answer any questions you may have.


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