Top 10 Gifts for Mother's Day in 2023!

Top 10 Gifts for Mother's Day in 2023!

With Mother’s Day around the corner, there can be a lot of stress around finding the “perfect gift.” Call us biased, but we think plants are just that! Not only do they add a sense of beauty to any room, but they’re also sweet reminders of resilience and patience.

For the moms who have it all, give them something new to take care of!

We’ve added something for all motherly figures, from the most green, to the most green-thumbed! 

1. Sansevieria

Snake plants, or the mother in law’s tongue, is the ultimate low-key, easy, fuh-ged-uh-bou-tit plant you could have. These plants are always in style, and add interesting textures and shapes to any room! It’s succulent-like, so you can let it dry out before watering, and it will be happy in nearly any lighting situation. 

2. Peace Lily 

The peace lily is a classic. Boasting beautiful white lilies and lush green foliage, this plant symbolizes peace and prosperity. It’s also easy to care for—it will tell you it needs water by dramatically drooping its leaves, and will perk up again the same day. It definitely has the mom stamp of approval. 

3. Terrarium

Not a cop-out, we swear! Our terrariums, Taco, Billy, and Benny, have a bit of a DIY component involved, but it’s smooth sailing after that (AKA set it and forget it)! Besides, getting your hands a bit dirty and planting some green amigos with mom isn’t the worst way to spend your Sunday. 

4. Monstera Deliciosa

The creme de la creme of plants! Alfredo the Monstera Deliciosa is definitely a statement plant, and for good reason. His big, beautiful leaves aren’t afraid to take up space. Monsteras are relatively easy to care for as well—just give him dappled light and water him when the top layer of soil gets dry. Easy peasy. 

5. Tradescantia Nanouk

For the girly girl. The Nanouk is a low-maintenance plant that offers up stunning pink leaves and has a trailing growth habit. Put her by a window to watch that pink get pinker and pinker! 

6. Calathea Ornata

Speaking of pink, meet Pink, the Calathea Ornata. Calatheas are a beautiful pet-friendly option for the fur baby mom in your life! This particular Calathea has a pretty pinstripe pattern on its leaves that are, you guessed it, pink. A little bit more sensitive than others, this plant likes filtered water, thank you very much, as well as high humidity and moist soil. 

7. Begonia Maculata

Begonias are all the rage this year, and, well… every year. The Begonia maculata is a fun looking plant with polka dot leaves. It’s a bit high maintenance, needing high humidity, bright indirect light, and regular watering, but she will reward you with flowers if you treat her right! 

8. Olive Tree

Olives may be an acquired taste, but Olivia the olive tree isn’t. This small olive tree gives off that effort, minimalist vibe that we all strive for. Can’t afford a trip to Greece for mom? Get her an olive tree instead. Be sure to put this Mediterranean beauty in full sun for the happiest plant.

9. Bird of Paradise

Cranerys, the bird of paradise, is quite the statement plant—but we love that! He’s big and bold, and will definitely put you in mom’s good books. He wanted us to tell you that he likes a tropical and sunny environment (after all, no one puts Cranerys in the basement). Humidity and sun, please!

10. String of Pearls

Because jewelry is overrated. This beauty really puts you to the test, but we think the string of pearls is such a unique and eye-catching plant that all the tribulations are worth it. Warning: Not for the beginner plant parent!

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