How to care for a Crassula Jade plant

Jade plants are native to South Africa where they grow on and between rocks. These plants are real lovers of light and will thrive in or near south facing windows. Jade plants can get rather 'leggy' meaning they will grow upwards and not grow as many leaves when not given enough light so be careful with areas that have too little light.

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  • Little
  • Once a year
  • Direct sunlight
  • Slightly poisonous
  • Not needed

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  • South Africa is the place where this green amiga feels best at home. In the wild it grows mainly between rocks. Furthermore, it has also received a few nicknames over the years! One of the most common is the jade plant, due to the green shiny leaves of some species. But it also carries the name money tree, because in the world of feng shui the Crassula symbolizes financial happiness!
  • The Crassula is not particularly strong in air purification.
  • Unfortunately, the Crassula is slightly poisonous when the leaves are eaten by children or pets. If this is the case, see your doctor for advice.
  • As befits a real desert plant, the Crassula prefers to be nice and dry. The motto here is: when in doubt, wait a while before watering. The soil should have dried completely before watering again. Especially in the winter; this means that the plant can go without water for several weeks.
  • The Crassula is a true sun worshiper. Like Burning Man people, it prefers a spot facing the sun. Make sure that you gradually get it used to the intense sunlight when it comes from a darker place. In the spring, for example, first leave it a meter in front of a south-facing window for two weeks before putting it directly in front of the window.
  • Easy! The Crassula does not need any fertilizer.
  • To accelerate the growth of the Crassula, it is best to repot it every spring; the Crassula will only grow again when the roots have enough space.
  • When the Crassula suffers from yellow or brown leaves, it will love leaves by itself, so you do not have to prune it. It is often a sign that the plant is getting too much water. If it has grown too big and you want to limit it a bit, you can cut the trunk to the desired height. Make sure that you do not cut too much at the same time, since he can get too weak to recover. A maximum of 30% of the volume is a good rule of (green) thumb.
  • Crassula or Jade plants may suffer from lice, especially mealybug. Fortunately, this is easy to combat, because the leaves of this desert plant are fairly hard; you can simply spray the lice with hard jets of water and blow the right off!

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