How to care for a Kentia (Howea) palm

The Kentia Palm or Howea Forsteriana, is one of the strongest palms out there. It originates from the beautiful Island of Lord Howe. Kentia Palms are commonly found in offices and homes because they are easy to care for and pet friendly.

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  • In Spring and Summer weekly
  • Once every 4 years
  • Low light tolerant
  • Not toxic to pets
  • Bi-weekly

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  • Kentia Palms are native to Lord Howe Island which is a remote Island with beautiful white sandy beaches. Oh my... the thought alone!
  • Strong air purifier.
  • The Kentia Palm is a non toxic palm and safe for your pets. Whoo!
  • Kentia Palms like to be watered frequently. Just be mindful not to put them in too soggy soil.
  • Kentia Palms can thrive quite well in lower light conditions. North facing windows, even a bit further away from the window, are fine for the Kentia Palm. This makes the Kentia quite a versatile plant.
  • Fertilizer is welcome. Bi-weekly in spring and summer. Kentia Palms are hungry!
  • Although they are known to be quite thristy, Kentia Palms are not known to be fast growers.
  • No special instructions here. The Palm will loose leaves as it grows, you can simply cut those away at the base with a clean knife or pair of scissors.
  • Look out for common pests such as spider mites and mealy bugs. Most commonly found on the underside of the leaves. A spot check every few weeks is always a good way to prevent any big problems.

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