How to care for a Aptenia Cordifolia plant

Aptenia Cordifolia ‘variegata’ is a South African native succulent. This plant has heart-shaped, textured leaves, topped with magenta coloured flowers. Luckily, this gorgeous amigo is very easy to care for, they need very little water, can be grown outdoors, or kept as a houseplant by a sunny window.

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  • Low
  • Once every two years
  • Bright light
  • Toxic
  • Twice a year

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  • The Aptenia Cordifolia is a South African native succulent.
  • This green amigo is an excellent air purifier!
  • Toxic!
  • Water well when the soil has dried out. To check soil dryness, poke finger into soil. In spring and summer, bi-weekly water needed. Soil should feel moist. Beware of damp soil, as this green amigo can be prone to rot in soggy soil.
  • Place Aptenia Cordifolia in a place with lots of light, such as a bright, southern-facing window.
  • Its a good idea to fertilize your green amigo twice a year. Preferably at the beginning of spring and towards the end of summer. Easy!
  • You can repot the Aptenia Cordifolia once every two years.
  • Prune or trim Aptenia cordifolia as needed to help maintain the shape you desire. During early springtime, you may trim plants to remove stem damage (if any) that occurred during the winter.
  • This plant can rot . If soil is kept damp, roots can rot causing poor growth. To avoid this, water if soil is dry. Watering should allow soil to be moist.

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