How to care for a Aspidistra | Cast Iron plant

The Cast Iron Plant, a.k.a. the Aspidistra is an impressively tough plant that is super hard to kill! Even if you take a vacation for a while and accidentally leave him in a dark spot with no water - when you get back he’ll be just fine.

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  • Low to Moderate
  • Every 3-4 years
  • Anything but direct sunlight
  • Non-toxic
  • Every 2-3 months

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  • Cast Iron plants are native to China and Vietnam.
  • Cast iron plants are great air purifiers.
  • Cast Iron plants are non-toxic to people and animals.
  • Cast Iron plants are fine with irregular watering, so don't fret too hard! Allow soil to dry between waterings.
  • Cast Iron plants can handle pretty much any lighting conditions except for direct sunlight.
  • Feed your Cast Iron plant with diluted liquid fertilizer every 2-3 months during the growing season (spring and summer).
  • Cast Iron plants do not like to have their roots disturbed, so repotting should only be done when necessary. Younger plants can be repotted once a year, but mature plants only need to be repotted every 3-4 years.
  • It is rare, but occasionally, Cast Iron plants grown as houseplants will flower. The flowers emerge at ground level because they are pollinated by slugs, snails, and amphipods (in their natural habitat).
  • Cast Iron plants can be susceptible to common houseplant pests such as spider mites.

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