How to care for a Lemon Meyeri plant

The Lemon Meyeri plant is a cross between a Lemon citrus and a mandarin. They taste amazing, slightly sweeter than regular lemons 🍋! These plants are naturally grown as shrubs but you can prune yours to look more like a tree, too if you wish. The Meyeri requires plenty of sunlight and a lot of water (constant moist soil) to grow you those beautiful fruits! If you do grow yours indoors, the fruits may take up to a year to develop!

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  • Frequent
  • Once every two years
  • Direct sunlight
  • Fruit can be upsetting to pets
  • Once a month in spring and summer

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  • The Lemon Meyeri is originally found in China but bears the name of the person that introduced it to the United States, Frank Nicholas Meyer. An explorer from the department of Agriculture in the USA. This fruit bearing plant (or bush) has been around in North America since 1908. Its growth was significantly reduced for a while when it was discovered that this plant was bearing a citrus killing disease (but immune to it itself) and reintroduced in the 50's when a non virus bearing version was found.
  • Not the greatest air purifier because of the relatively small leaves. If you put all your energy into bearing fruit, you cant also purify the air!
  • The Lemon Meyeri is not toxic to children but pets that nibble on the fruit may have some issues with upset stomachs
  • Frequent watering is key to produce a lot of healthy looking fruit. Just make sure to take care of proper drainage or to keep the moist soil from becoming too wet after which root rot might occur. If you do keep your plant indoors, you may want to mist the leaves in winter to keep it happy.
  • The Meyeri just like most other fruit bearing plants and trees wants a lot of sunlight. In fact, as much as you can give it is best. Place yours near a south facing window, on a balcony or even in your garden for the best results.
  • High nitrogen fertilizer in the spring, summer and fall months are essential to spur on the growth of many fruits for the Meyeri. Regular slow release fertilizer works as well.
  • Repotting is not necessary if you want to keep your Lemon tree the same size. If you want it to grow bigger you may want to repot once every two years.
  • Pruning your fruit tree is only needed for it to fit with the desired look you want and to ensure the stems develop thick enough to bear the fruits.
  • Just like most other fruit bearing trees, keep an eye out for hungry bugs and other critters that are attracted to the sweet flowers and fruits.

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