How to care for a Licuala Grandis Ruffled Fan Palm

This tropical lady will turn heads and she knows it! Native to the Vanuatu islands right off the coast of Australia, this surprisingly resilient and hardy amigo is known for its unique fan-shaped leaves that will give your home a certain beachfront resort vibe. She needs plenty of bright, indirect light - but is not too picky about temperature and humidity. She's quite easy to take care of but keep her away from direct sunlight though and be careful not too use too much fertilizer because she's not a big eater!

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  • Frequent water needed
  • Every other year
  • Sunny, direct light
  • Not toxic
  • Once every three months

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  • Vanuatu islands right off the coast of Australia.
  • Strong air purifier.
  • Not toxic.
  • Allow the surface of the soil to dry out before watering again. You may put your finger in the soil to know it's dryness. Misting this plant a couple times a week will help! Use distilled water rather than tap water to prevent the build-up of minerals.
  • Place Licuala Grandis in a place with lots of light, such as a bright, south-facing window.
  • Fertilize your Licuala Grandis palm in the months of spring and summer! It is not necessary to fertilize during winter as she goes into hibernation state.
  • You can repot your green amigo every other year.
  • Lower leaves will turn brown naturally after some time to allow new growth, you can remove this by carefully cutting it off.
  • Dry or cold air can cause the tips of the leaves to brown. Therefore, make sure to keep your girl away from air vents.

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