How to care for a Livistona Palm

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  • Frequent
  • Once every two years
  • Indirect light
  • Not toxic

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  • The Livistona genus has 'roots' all over Asia, Australasia and Africa. However, some species like the Livistona Chinensis are native to the south of China and Japan, and have been naturalized in places like Florida, Hawaii and Bermuda.
  • When it comes to watering, the Livistona can be quite tolerant to drought, but you should strive to water it thoroughly whenever the top half of her soil is dry (around once a week). Also, mist your palm regularly to help prevent brown tips and DO NOT overwater it.
  • Unlike most palms, the Livistona is versatile and can tolerate lower levels of light. But they thrive most when placed in a spacious spot with lots of bright, indirect light. Living room, balcony, bedroom, garden... you name it! As long as your Livistona is away from the direct sun.
  • The Livistonas can get pretty hungry when they're older and should be fertilized around 1-3 times a year, especially during the summer months.
  • Livistona palms are slooow growers that don't need to be re-potted very often. That said, we recommend re-potting your Livistona approximately every three or four years. Some signs to watch for include: crowded roots and/or its soil drying too quickly.

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