How to care for a Mangave plant

Mangave plants are beautiful succulents that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Most Mangaves do behave a little differently to other succulents because of their tolerance for water. Mangaves tend to grow more quickly than succulents which explains that water tolerance. Mangave plants are actually a cross between agave and manfreda plant species.

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  • Frequent
  • Once a year
  • Direct sunlight
  • Safe for pets
  • Once a month

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  • Mangave plants are actually a fairly new phenomenon. They are a cross between an agave and manfreda plant and originate from the Yucca valley where they were first grown in the 90s. Mangave plants are fast growers which is their main characteristic. Many more types of Mangave are still cross-bred and popularized to this day so who knows what's to come!
  • Mangave plants are not typically air purifers
  • Mangave plants are not poisonous to pets. Curious dogs and cats may occasionally get an unwelcome spike from the sharp leaves!
  • Mangave plants are a little easier to take care of than most succulents because of their tolerance for water. Be careful though because root rot is still an issue with these plants.
  • Mangaves crave the sun. Place yours in direct sunlight and watch it grow! It will do just fine in indirect light but a bright sunny spot is even better!
  • Mangave's are peculiar about their fertilizer so find yourself some succulent fertilizer that has all the right nutrients for the Mangave to grow.
  • Mangaves are known to outgrow their pots quickly. They will literally grow as big as the pot you put them in. Water them less frequently to slow down growth if you want to keep yours in the same pot.
  • If you find any leaves that are brown or otherwise not in tip top shape you can cut them near the base of the stalk of the agave. Be careful though, most agaves have a nasty spike on their leaves so gloves are recommended.
  • Mangave plants are not disease prone! That's a win for you and a win for the Mangave!

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