How to Care for a Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plants are sun loving, low-maintenance carnivores. They’re perfectly harmless to humans but they do like to munch on the occasional spider. Water them often with filtered water and place them in bright light.

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  • Different species of Pitcher Plants belong to different families and genus and grow in a range of habitats, from jungles to swamps. The only, strange, requirement is that their growing environment lacks nutrients.
  • Pitcher Plants may eat insects but they’re not toxic to pets or people.
  • Water Pitcher Plants with filtered or distilled water, as they are sensitive to the chemicals in tap water. Don’t let their soil get too damp but keep it moist.
  • Depending on the variety, Pitcher plants like either full or filtered sun. If unsure, avoid intense sun and place your plant in moderate to bright sunlight.
  • Pitcher Plants shouldn’t be fertilized. They grow naturally in nutrient poor soil and supplement their nutrition by eating insects. They only need one or two a month.
  • Repot them every one or two years, in early spring. They do well in acidic, well draining soil.
  • Pitcher Plants require little maintenance. The only pruning required is the removal of dead or drooping leaves.
  • Pitcher Plants are susceptible to common pests, including spider mites and leafhoppers. Don’t use herbicide or pesticides to kill them. Wash your plant with water instead. Also, as pests might be a sign of dehydration, be sure to keep your plant’s soil evenly moist.

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