How to care for a Senecio Plant

Senecio plants come in many varieties but the most popular type is certainly the string of pearls. Proud plant parents tend to show off the huge strands of pearls but it isn't so easy to get there. Make sure to put your Senecio in a bright spot away from direct sunlight and be careful with your watering habits. Root rot sets in quickly which will lead to its demise. Senecio plants are also quite toxic. Read below for more info!

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  • Little
  • Repot when root bound
  • Bright indirect light
  • Very toxic - careful with pets/kids
  • Once every two weeks in summer

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  • Senecio plants are commonly found in warmer climates but are now tropical plants found in houses everywhere.
  • Not particularly strong air purifiers these guys
  • Some plants are more toxic than others. Senecio plants are among the group of plants that are more toxic. This means that you should be careful having these around children or pets as the sap can cause some severe skin irritation and bowel problems. Be very mindful of whether it is a good idea to have these plants when you have kids or pets around and see a specialist immediately when someone has ingested any of the senecio plant.
  • Water your senecio plants sparingly. Root rot can occur quite quickly so you want to be mindful with watering. Less is more!
  • Senecio plants need a bright spot away from direct sunlight. ideally in. a place away from drafts as well.
  • You can add some fertilizer once every month in spring and summer. Winter time is when these plants are in hibernation and fertilizing is not needed
  • Repot once every two years
  • Senecio plants typically don't need any pruning but you can get rid of any issues with strands or strings by cutting them below where the issue persists.
  • Though not particularly prone to diseases, Senecio plants are very fragile when it comes to over watering. Root rot sets in easily so make sure to let the soil dry out thoroughly between watering

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