How to care for an Asparagus Fern plant

If you do not recognize the Asparagus for an actual plant we forgive you. The leaves look more like a... we don't really know but certainly not like leaves! Still, this fresh green house plant is popular among many due to its easy going character! If you were hoping for some actual asparagus to harvest from this green guy, we have to disapoint. It is said that the Asparagus plant was a cross breed between the type of Asparagus we do eat, and a Fern.

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  • Average
  • Once every two years
  • No direct sunlight, shaded
  • Toxic
  • Once every two weeks, during summer

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  • The Asparagus fern is a climbing plant that comes from Southern Africa. It is not a true fern but it certainly resembles one with its beautiful frilly leaves. Hard to believe but this little beauty has come to be known as an invasive species and a pest in some parts of world. Such a shame! Don't worry it is not likely to take over your home!
  • The Asparagus is not a particularly good air purifier compared to its brother, the Kimberley Queen fern. Maybe the Asparagus doesn't want to stand out too much...
  • The leaves and fruit of the Asparagus Fern are toxic so be careful with small children and pets.
  • The Asparagus isn't too demanding; as long as you give it some water it is satisfied. Not too much, not too little. The plant LOVES a humid environment so spray away as much as you want, even daily if you can. And above all, do not leave water at the bottom of the pot, to avoid root rot.
  • It's clear from its preference for location that the Asparagus doesn't like to be in the spotlight: the plant likes a reasonably shady place without direct sunlight. It does not want to be completely in the dark, however, so choose a place where there is some indirect sunlight.
  • As an extra, the Asparagus appreciates some plant food in its water once every two weeks. Do this only in the summer months.
  • Just like its little brother, the Kimberley Queen fern, the Asparagus is a slow grower and therefore does not need to be repotted often. Once every two years is usually enough.
  • The leaves of the Asparagus will not turn brown very quickly. If you notice that they're becoming lighter or even yellow, move the plant a little further from the window. If you want to prune the plant then you can safely cut the branches to your liking. That's also good for the plant, since it now has to distribute its energy over fewer leaves!
  • The Asparagus won't suffer from vermin or diseases too easily especially if you regularly mist the plant and keep the roots out of standing water.

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