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  • plant care

    Don't have a green thumb just yet? Or can't get enough of our tips & tricks? Check out our plant care blog posts!

  • get inspired

    A place for you to daydream with pretty plant pictures and stories of Urban Jungles!

  • products

    Plants, pots and chique modern side tables. We love everything that fits or sits with our beautiful plants, and blog about it too!

  • behind the scenes

    Curious to know what life looks like in at Plantsome HQ? Take a look inside our nursery!

  • fun facts

    Did you know that seaweed does not have any roots? And did you know the oldest tree on earth is over 5000 years old? Clikc here for more fun facts!

  • job openings

    Plantsome has started its journey in search for a new app and web developer! We are looking for not one, but two full time Plantsome members that want to help us develop our platform and create awesome things!

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