Helping you water your plants | Plantsome

The number one answer that we get when we ask why you haven't gotten a plant yet? 'I don't know how to keep them alive!'. And when we ask why that is? 'I keep forgetting to water them on time!'. 

It's true that most people don't really know or understand how often and how much to water their plants. Truth be told, this isn't always easy either. Especially when you have multiple plants at home. Plant parenthood is hard!

For that reason, we have developed our Plantsome App. The App allows you to simply get a weekly notification with all the information you need to maintain and care for your plants. Which ones to water and which ones to skip for that week. That way, you'll never forget to water your plants. If you'd prefer to do things old school that's cool too! We don't judge. We also have a Watering guide that uncovers all the myths and secrets of watering your plants the right way. Together we'll make your plants thrive like never before.