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Alfredo's survival guide


Alfredo is a Monstera Deliciosa which is commonly referred to as a Swiss Cheese Plant, Swiss Cheese Vine and Five holes plant. All these names gave Alfredo a bit of an identity crisis. To top it all off, botanists once lumped him in with the wrong family! Fortunately the record has been set straight and we know he's part of the Monstera family. It was all very stressful for Alfredo so we've agreed not to bring it up to him again. Can you help us keep that promise?

4 inch pot
Average water needed
Once every two years
9 inches tall
Once every two weeks (summer)

How to care for Alfredo

Meet the Monstera Deliciosa! Hailing from Mexico, allow us to introduce a plant with more character than a telenovela. This guy is a born climber, so keep a close watch on those adventurous leaves. As he matures, his foliage will start rocking those iconic Swiss Cheese plant holes, turning your space into a living masterpiece. Now, when it comes to sunshine, the Monstera loves it but prefers a bit of shade – think of it as his siesta time. For hydration, give him a good sip, but let the top inch of soil dry out between drinks, usually every 1-2 weeks. Just remember to provide this amigo with a sturdy support; after all, he's the star of this melodrama!

Monstera Deliciosa (S) | Swiss Cheese Plant



Choose your length

9 in - 22.00

How do you measure height?

Good question! We measure the height from the top of the plant to the bottom of the pot (including the pot itself).


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Plant Care App

Our app will tell you exactly when and how much to feed and water your plants. Are you already a pro in taking care of your plant? Great! The App is completely optional of course.

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Accessories that make Alfredo really happy

All Purpose Organic Potting Mix 3L

All Purpose Organic Potting Mix 3L

Volcanic Lava Rocks 3L

Volcanic Lava Rocks 3L

Arber Plant Food Concentrate 16oz

Arber Plant Food Concentrate 16oz

Aroid Organic Potting Mix 3L

Aroid Organic Potting Mix 3L

Bios Diatomaceous Earth | Natural Pesticide 225g

Bios Diatomaceous Earth | Natural Pesticide 225g

Plant Ornament - Assorted (1)

Plant Ornament - Assorted (1)

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some questions about ordering plants online. Makes total sense! We've combined the most common questions (and answers) below.

How do you make sure my plant arrives safely?

We are experts at packaging plants for a safe plant delivery. Our boxes have a clever design that ensures plants stay snuggly in one place throughout their journey to your home.

Will I get the same plant as pictured?

We make every effort to ensure the plant you receive matches very closely to the plant you see on our site. Always remember that these green amigo's are living creatures, each with their unique style. Height differences between 5-10cm may apply. Let's just say we don't always look like our profile picture either!

Do I need a green thumb to begin having plants?

If you're new to plant parenthood, you should definitely try our Plantsome App. The app makes light work of plant care by sending water and fertilizer alerts to your phone exactly when your plants need it. #Easy!

How does your 3-Month Happy Plant Guarantee Work?

Are your beloved green amigo's not in good shape? Worry not, Plantsome provides a 3-month happy plant guarantee on all of its plants. Read more about it here.

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